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A wide variety of stages can be provided for events. There are various sizes available to accommodate whatever the need might be for your event.


   GT F34 Roof system

Global Truss represents the highest quality and reliability.The  Global  Truss  F34  is  a  4-point  truss  system.  This  provides  optimum  volume  and  carrying  capacity  for  its  construction  size  and  a  tube  diameter of  only  50mm.  This  system is connected via a special conical connector system, which is joined together to a complete form fit by means of a copper hammer, creating optimal traction.The Global Truss F34 finds application in trade fairs and shops, as well as in the event industry  in  general.  It  is  also  characterised  by  a  minimum  transport  volume  and  the  special lightweight design.  Global Truss is the only truss manufacturer with its own coupler and hook range tested by "TÜV" and "DIN".

The TD34 Tower makes for an excellent vertical truss that allows the safe, quick lifting of regularly loaded horizontal ST Truss Rig and Roofs to their service height. In terms of static, the TD34 Tower is designed for a high flexural- and pressure strain. Especially due to the roofs this high flexural strain is required. TD34 Tower Truss is a square 50mm heavy duty truss with one on side inte- grated horizontal bracing . this TD34 Tower has been made according DIN EN 1999- 1-1 & 1999 -1-1/A2 within Eurocode 9 and approved by TuV.

  Max. Height:     7.31 m  ( 24 FT )

Max Loading:    2000 kg. (4400 lbs.)

Tower Truss:    TD34

Sleeve Block:    ST

2000 kg. (4400 lbs.)

  Trenton Ohio Bicentennial

Tritech provided a 32 x 24 roof system for events in Trenton Ohio summer of 2016.

first and foremost Tritech is dedicated to safety for your events.

           GT Roof system

 The GT roof system has quickly become a favorite  system for small to medium-sized productions . Designed for rapid disassembly and mobility, it can be utilized in a variety of venues.


 TUV's range of services includes consultancy, inspections, test & expert opinions as well as certification & training. All the while, maintaining objectives such as reliability safety & quality, environmental protection & cost effectiveness.


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